Soybean Oil for Soap Making

  • Some individuals like what using soybean oil for soap making adds to their finished product. Others use this ingredient as an inexpensive filler oil in an attempt to cut their soaping costs. now offers a large variety of ingredients for making homemade soap.
    There are two types of soybean oil that can be used for soap making… hydrogenated and non-hydrogenated. Hydrogenated soybean oil will be harder and has a different fatty acid makeup then the non-hydrogenated type. The characteristics added to your soap will be different depending on which type you use but the SAP values will remain the same.

    You will see slight differences in your soap depending on which type of soybean oil you use. Liquid (non-hydrogenated) soybean oil will offer better conditioning properties but a bit less of a lather then the hydrogenated type.

    I consider soybean oil to be somewhat of a neutral when it comes to soap making. There are no overwhelming qualities that it offers and its skin care benefits are negligible, being neither bad nor good for your complexion. So what makes this ingredient appealing? One word: Price.

    Soybean oil is a great ingredient to use to cut down your soaping costs while avoiding the use of ingredients that will affect the quality of your product. As long as you add plenty of other beneficial oils to the batch, and you don’t allow soybean oil to take up too high of a percentage of your oils, the soap will turn out just fine and will be wonderful for the skin.

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